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Covering the Wednesday Night Wars, Between NXT on the USA network and AEW on TNT

It's the return of Wednesday Night Wallop's very own quiz show: Wrestle Quizdom! Hosted by Kyle Joseph, listen as 3 contestants compete in a battle for wrestling trivia supremacy.

Our contestants this week are:

BJ | Rylan Turner | Robert Smith

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DK and RY Guy are back! Its been a couple weeks since we posted our last podcast so we bring to you the longest podcast we've ever recorded. Extra raw and Extra long... just like a big... fat... juicy..... carrot straight from the garden.


Buckle in and chill as they have possibly one too many beers, talk about drinking stories, country life, Braveheart, and also get off topic, and ramble on about nothing.... and also everything..


Cheers Cold Beers

Rylan and Kyle return to review the August 5th episodes of AEW Dynamite and NXT. Rylan talks about a great debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy and some high-octane tag team wrestling. Kyle reviews an NXT with another enjoyable triple threat qualifier and his feelings about an emerging Pat McAfee and Adam Cole feud (hint: they are not positive).

The boys also discuss the news of the day including The Rock buying the XFL and Marty Jannetty saying some potentially incriminating things on the internet.

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Rylan and Kyle are back to review the July 29th episodes of NXT and AEW Dynamite. They also discuss WWE's Q2 Earnings Report and a potential second brand split draft coming in the fall. Enjoy!

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DK and RY guy welcome you back with Episode 1 where we sit back and review UFC 251 Fight Island from an outside perspective among other random things.


Check out our new intro Jingle and crack a cold one on the show about nothing where we talk about everything.... Including Fight Island!

PSA D.K. and Ry-Guy launch their first episode of Worlds Funniest Podcast.....Again!

They talk a variety of topics including - Bagged Milk - Next Gen Video Games - Drinking-Anger-Living Alone and so much more!

For all our listeners out there the original release of this podcast had some overlapping issues, here it is again minus those!

If you want to pick up where you left off on the last release the revision happens around the 49 minute mark!

Thanks and enjoy listening to the show about nothing where we talk about everything!

Cheers, Cold Beers - D.K. and Ry Guy

Kyle and Rylan review the first In Your House PPV in 25 years and it was......MEH join us as we take apart this very forgettable Takeover. 

Rylan called this the worst Takeover of all time. 


Kyle and Rylan run down AEW's second ever Double or Nothing event this one during a pandemic!! 


We dedicated this episode to the memories of Hana Kimura and Shad Gaspard who both suddenly passed away the week of the show.

Rylan and Kyle return for the conference finals of our mini series. We welcome our friends Justin and Darryl two Chicago natives on to discuss what it was like to live in Chicago during this time in the Bulls history. we talked about Space Jam, Jordan playing baseball and his eventual return to the game of basketball to attempt yet another 3 peat. This was super fun awesome episode to do and Justin and Darryl brought all the laughs and we had an amazing time so please enjoy it.

It's the first episode of Wednesday Night Wallop's very own quiz show: Wrestle Quizdom! Hosted by Kyle Joseph, listen as 3 contestants compete in a battle for wrestling trivia supremacy.

Our contestants this week are:

Nate Milton | Jack London | Robert Smith

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Another backlogged episode for everyone to enjoy highlighted by Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream for the NXT title and in the news we preview Money In the Bank. 

Backlogged episode detailing a new lawsuit WWE is facing and reviews of NXT and AEW from weeks back highlighted by Lance Archer vs. Dustin Rhodes. 

FINALLY WE HAVE COME BACK! To talk more Last Dance during this episode we are joined by Chris Pinheiro to discuss business Jordan, Political Jordan, KOBE!, Dream Team, and white guys in converse commercials all that and running through episodes 5 and 6 of the series. hoop it up with us once again.

Episode 2 of our mini series welcomes Kyle's brother Cuinn in to talk all things Dennis Rodman! As well Phil Jackson's amazing backstory, and we once again explore the MJ vs Lebron question. All this and much more tune in!

In what was one of the zaniest episodes of Wednesday Night Wallop to date Kyle and Rylan discussed everything from the XFL commissioner's suing Vince McMahon, the tragic passing of Howard Finkel, 2K cancelling WWE 2k21, the latest investors call, and all the Wednesday Night Wrestling you can handle! Kyle goes off on the Drake Maverick storyline in what may be his best rant of the year. NSFW!!

Dances with Bulls is Rylan and Kyle's first steps away from wrestling with their 5 part mini series reviewing "The Last Dance" the Netflix/ESPN documentary highlighting The Chicago Bulls final season together before the eventual demise of the team that put the NBA on the map in the 1990s.

In episode 1 we are joined by Kyle's brother Connor Joseph as we run through both Episode 1 and 2 of the documentary  Rylan stirs the pot by bringing Lebron up and asking the age old question of who was better Lebron James or Micheal Jordan? 

Kyle and Rylan are BACK!

This week Kyle sat through a polarizing main event in Jon Moxley vs Jake Hager, and yet another classic Inner Circle video package!

Whereas Rylan was lucky enough to enjoy a decent episode of NXT, where we saw 2 new superstars make an immediate impact!

In the news we talked briefly about the XFL, and ran through a very unfortunate day in pro wrestling. With many WWE superstars being released or furloughed until further notice.

Kyle returned to Full Sail and Rylan to Dynamites secret location to bring you a hard walloping of Wednesday night reviews. On NXT we had the final beat (hopefully) of the Gargano/Ciampa feud, As well as a stellar women's ladder match. And Cody and Shawn Spears helped kick off the TNT Title Tournament in a great match up.

In the news we talked XFL, The Revivals release, WWE's taping schedule

We also announced the launch of our very own Twitch channel where we will broadcast our own WWE Universe mode among other things check that out at stay tuned to our social media for more on when to tune in.

Kyle and Rylan return for the granddaddy of them all....Sorta. Join us as we run down possibly the strangest WrestleMania in WWE history.

No crowd, no noise, no problem. Witness Undertakers ride into becoming Clint Eastwood. Did the Queen conquer Stompin' Rhea Ripley? What is a Firefly Funhouse Match? And will Drew McIntyre realize his potential and slay the beast? Tune in and find out - almost 2 hours of wallopy goodness ahead!

Kyle and Rylan return for a lucky 13th episode of season 2.


Over in AEW-land Cody and Darby Allin teamed against their respective TNT Title Tournament opponents Sammy Guevara in the main event, Vanguard 1 paid Chris Jericho a home visit, Another women debuted for their roster, and Marko Stunt was just destroyed by the MURDERHAWK!

OVER in NXT we had a HOSS FIGHT for a main event and a very whatever card otherwise. Check us out!

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