Wednesday Night Wallop

Hosts Rylan Turner and Kyle Joseph
Cover the Wednesday Nighy Wars, Between NXT on the USA network and AEW on TNT and the wrestling news of the week.

World’s Funniest Podcast: Hosts DK and Ry-Guy bring to you a level of storytelling you’ve never experienced before. A show about nothing where we talk about everything.

Wednesday Night Rewind: Rylan and Kyle Travel back in time to review classic and sometimes awful wrestling.

Wrestle Quizdom: A wrestling themed trivia show where Kyle Joseph brings the hardest questions for our most loyal listeners

It's Wednesday Night Wallop's third foray into classic wrestling. This time, Kyle and Rylan venture into one of the all time great Royal Rumbles in 2001!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

For one last time in 2020, Rylan and Kyle return to talk about the best and worst that the world of wrestling had to offer with our year end awards show.

We also discuss the tragic passing of Jon "Mr. Brodie Lee" Huber.

***Note: episode re-uploaded due to an audio error***


Kyle Joseph returns for the holidays as Rylan and him count down their very special Christmas lists.


-Top 10 Wrestling Entrance Music

-Top 5 Tag Teams

-Top 5 AEW Matches

-Top 5 NXT Matches


Merry Christmas to all our loyal listeners thank you all so much for the support.




Finally, its here. The one we've all been waiting for.. the highly anticipated eve before Christmas Eve.

Informally known as "All Jager's Eve"

Make sure to have your Jager handy and ready to rock as DK and Ry Guy are joined by WNW's Producer the Illustrious RJ Spearin as well as WNW Co-Host Kyle Joseph. 

Celebrate with us as we talk about our top 5 favourite concerts, Fast Food restaurants and chase Jager like its a 5 dollar bill blowing across a busy intersection. 

buckle up, and get after it. 

Merry Christmas ya Filthy animals and more importantly,

Cheers, Cold Beers

Ladies and Gentleman, WFP presents our interpretation of the Ridonculous (that's a word) boxing match between Iron Mike Tyson and Roy Jone's JR. as well as the unexpected Jake Paul and Nate Robinson....

hence the Carny Trash....

cheers cold beers

It's Rylan and Kyle discussing the October 21st episodes of Dynamite and NXT!

Rylan and Kyle return to the magical land of late 90's WCW with Halloween Havoc '98. There was some good, some bad, and some Ultimate Warrior vs Hogan. Enjoy!

Weeeeelcome back to another episode of WFP!


we haven't posted a show since last time! not gonna lie this episode slaps. straight up rips even. We talk about the most random crap we've ever talked about including the innuendos look of the new #PS5 general back pain, and some other stuff probably. Its like a way over a friggen hour dude.


cheers cold beers

It is the long-awaited second part of our one year anniversary show! 

We go through our favourite promos with special guest Vince Delgado from the Smacked Raw podcast, our favourite bands with our Producer RJ, and wrap things up with a short Q&A.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Rylan | Kyle

WFP returns with Episode 7 and even more hijinks. 


AKA Random AF stories. Meet us half way for a shot mid podcast as well as some more cover tunes. 

Also if you are willing and care to donate to Rylan Willey's Movember page to raise money for men's mental health awareness the link is below.


cheers cold beers!

Rylan Fantana is joined again by Rob Smith, and BJ and welcomes his co-host from World's Funniest Podcast DK! This podcast serves as more of a WFP episode more than election coverage but we do keep updated with everything throughout the first of what seems like many nights of this election.

We talk:



-Some Wrestling


Your sure to have some laughs and maybe you'll learn something.



Part 1 of  our Coverage of the 2020 US Presidential campaign featuring Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Rylan grilled podcastor Nate Milton on all things election and eventually we brought in the the rest of the guys to give some off the wall coverage.

Here we go again.. another episode of WFP. 

Halloween edition... easily the scariest podcast we've ever had! and by that I mean we tell like one scary story and then get of topic a bunch. 

But its Halloween so turn of some lights and it'll be scary okay. We're in the middle of a pandemic. It's terrifying or whatever.

seriously though we slap away at getting too drunk at Halloween parties, best costumes, and Minnesota and other random stories.

crack a cold one, get after it.

cheers cold beers


Aaaaaaand WFP is back with some more outrageous stories and random... stories.

Join us on our second attempt at recording episode 5 where we talk about crazy acquaintances, RY guys worst first dates and Quizno's sub. kinda.

find a cover mid pod cast of "Sweet Virginia" by DK to fill in a smoke break.

sit back, crack a cold one and fucking get after it.

cheers cold beers

Just in time(ish) for the 1 year anniversary, it is part 1 of Year of the Wallop! Rylan and Kyle celebrate one year of this show with a series of lists. In part 1, you will find:

  • Rylan and Kyle's Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time
  • The Top 5 Wrestling Moments in Canada (with special guest Robert Smith)
  • The Top 5 Greatest Albums (with special guest DK from World's Funniest Podcast)

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

***NOTE: This episode was recorded in August, but was delayed due to some audio issues***

It's the 3rd episode of Wednesday Night Wallop's very own quiz show: Wrestle Quizdom! Hosted by Kyle Joseph, listen as 3 contestants compete in a battle for wrestling trivia supremacy.

Our contestants this week are:

Vince Delgado | Rylan Turner | Robert Smith

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle Joseph



Kyle and Rylan return to talk about Wednesday Night Wrestling. NXT had a pair of number one contenders matches, while AEW Dynamite had Cody issue a challenge to Mr. Brodie Lee.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Rylan | Kyle

Kyle and Rylan are back with more AEW/NXT reviews. 

No news this week as we head straight into the Wednesday night action.


Kyle had the pleasure of watching the best street fight possibly ever, And Rylan got a solid main event out of Damien Priest and Timothy Thatcher, Also Kyle discusses turning 30. 

It is the first episode of Wednesday Night Rewind, where we go back and watch the Pay Per Views of yesteryear. In this episode, Rylan and Kyle discuss the truly awful WCW PPV: New Blood Rising 2000. They discuss such important wrestling questions such as:

  • What is a battle axe?
  • What are Canadian Rules and who enforces them?
  • Why is Three Count dancing?

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Rylan | Kyle

Here we go again.. back at it. DK and Ry Guy. Swear to god we haven't done a pod cast since last time!


We get after it in episode 4 where we talk about bachelor parties, hotel stays, and fire sale's on furniture. Sit back crack a cold one and don't even trip.


Cheers cold beers

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