Wednesday Night Wallop

Hosts Rylan Turner and Kyle Joseph
Cover the Wednesday Nighy Wars, Between NXT on the USA network and AEW on TNT and the wrestling news of the week.

World’s Funniest Podcast: Hosts DK and Ry-Guy bring to you a level of storytelling you’ve never experienced before. A show about nothing where we talk about everything.

Wednesday Night Rewind: Rylan and Kyle Travel back in time to review classic and sometimes awful wrestling.

Wrestle Quizdom: A wrestling themed trivia show where Kyle Joseph brings the hardest questions for our most loyal listeners

It's time for Season 3 of Wednesday Night Wallop! Rylan and Kyle return to talk about the wrestling news and this past week's episodes of AEW Dynamite and NXT. Did the Kyle enjoy the first episode back after Double or Nothing? Did Rylan enjoy an NXT episode building towards this years NXT TakeOver: In Your House? Listen and find out!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Rylan and Kyle return to review AEW Double or Nothing 2021. It was a hot card with loud fans and some high quality wrestling, but did it live up to the hype of being AEW's signature annual PPV? Listen to find out!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

It's another rewind episode as Rylan and Kyle, as we discuss ECW One Night Stand 2005. The show is well-remembered, and Rylan reminisces about his love of ECW while Kyle gets his first taste of the raucous crowds.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Welcome back to another episode of straight up ranting about nothing in particular. 

DK and RY guy talk about super cell phone plans and go over their most recent watch list of the James bond reviews where they talk about Octopussy and Tomorrow Never dies. 


Cold beers required for listening.  


Love, Peace, Chicken Grease ya filthy animals.



Rylan and Kyle return to update the listeners on what is up and coming for Wednesday Night Wallop. They also go over some recent happenings in the world of wrestling.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Well shit fire and save matches! 

WFP is back and to our usual hijinks! Lucky number Episode 13 did not want to be made folks. It was a battle royal of bad luck but as per usual we crushed it. DET.

Sit back and relax and grab a cold one as DK and RY guy review their interpretations of what is allegedly "From Russia with Love" and "Thunderball". *makes sense now donut

we talk about of other random shit too ofc.

cheers cold beers folkarinos

Kyle finally got his time to shine! He chose the next destination for our wrestling time machine. And boy did he pick a great era.

The WWE Cruiserweight Classics finals was our destination where we got some of the best wrestling and wrestlers from around the globe, performing under the bright lights of the WWE.

The guys also go through the entire cruiserweight division and go through every champion that proceeded the tournament.


Rylan and Kyle to review night 2 of WrestleMania 37 from Raymond James Stadium. The night featured some ups and downs with another bout between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, a pair of very physical matches for the mid-tier men's titles, and a triple threat main event.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Rylan and Kyle return discuss night 1 of Wrestlemania 37 live with a crowd from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The night featured a strong opener between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, the in-ring debuts of Bad Bunny and The Omos, and a truly outstanding main event between Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

For their 4th trip into wrestling yesteryear, Rylan and Kyle decide to look back at WrestleMania 13, a show that originally aired on Rylan's 5th birthday! Listen as they discuss the legendary submission match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and see if any other matches can rise to that level on this show (spoiler: not really).

This show was chosen by listener Robert Smith, who won the Wednesday Night Wallop Royal Rumble pool this year.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

What did Rylan want for his birthday? Only to be roasted by his biggest fans and all his co-hosts so for a few minutes we have some fun then we breakdown WrestleMania and Takeover 


BIG thanks to DK, Jack London, Robert Smith, Mick Hawley and Kyle Joseph, and also RJ Spearin. For all the hard work put into this

WFP makes another return to the WNW. This time DK and Ry guy talk about their personal reviews of James Bond For your eyes only with the illustrious Dad Bond, Roger moore. 


They also beat gums about music, drugs, and Panda's?


I don't even know. DET


Cheers cold beers

Kyle Joseph and Rylan Turner return to your ear waves to talk about the 2021 Royal Rumble.


-We debate Edge winning at 47 years old.

- Rejoice at Bianca Belair's big win.

- And genuinely enjoyed a main roster show.




We're back! New year new you! Well maybe new you, but we haven't changed. Thank god.

Join us as we kick off our first episode of 2021 where we talk about upcoming news in WFP and god knows what else. If you're easily offended you should listen to this. Because we appreciate your listener-ship.

Fucking get after it,


Cheers, Cold Beers

It's Wednesday Night Wallop's third foray into classic wrestling. This time, Kyle and Rylan venture into one of the all time great Royal Rumbles in 2001!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

For one last time in 2020, Rylan and Kyle return to talk about the best and worst that the world of wrestling had to offer with our year end awards show.

We also discuss the tragic passing of Jon "Mr. Brodie Lee" Huber.

***Note: episode re-uploaded due to an audio error***


Kyle Joseph returns for the holidays as Rylan and him count down their very special Christmas lists.


-Top 10 Wrestling Entrance Music

-Top 5 Tag Teams

-Top 5 AEW Matches

-Top 5 NXT Matches


Merry Christmas to all our loyal listeners thank you all so much for the support.




Finally, its here. The one we've all been waiting for.. the highly anticipated eve before Christmas Eve.

Informally known as "All Jager's Eve"

Make sure to have your Jager handy and ready to rock as DK and Ry Guy are joined by WNW's Producer the Illustrious RJ Spearin as well as WNW Co-Host Kyle Joseph. 

Celebrate with us as we talk about our top 5 favourite concerts, Fast Food restaurants and chase Jager like its a 5 dollar bill blowing across a busy intersection. 

buckle up, and get after it. 

Merry Christmas ya Filthy animals and more importantly,

Cheers, Cold Beers

Ladies and Gentleman, WFP presents our interpretation of the Ridonculous (that's a word) boxing match between Iron Mike Tyson and Roy Jone's JR. as well as the unexpected Jake Paul and Nate Robinson....

hence the Carny Trash....

cheers cold beers

It's Rylan and Kyle discussing the October 21st episodes of Dynamite and NXT!

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