Wednesday Night Wallop

Hosts Rylan Turner and Kyle Joseph review
AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage as well as the wrestling news of the week.

World‘s Funniest Podcast: Hosts DK and Ry-Guy bring to you a level of storytelling you‘ve never experienced before. A show about nothing where we talk about everything.

Wednesday Night Rewind: Rylan and Kyle Travel back in time to review classic and sometimes awful wrestling.

Wrestle Quizdom: A wrestling themed trivia show where Kyle Joseph brings the hardest questions for our most loyal listeners

Rylans‘ Morning Sports Report: Host Rylan Turner leads the listeners through the biggest stories in the world of sports.

JJ Bug Returns to the sports report to discuss a variety of stories from around the world of sports.

Rylan and Kyle review another episode of Dynamite, with a pair of matches making it to their top spots this week. Which match did each of them enjoy the most this week? Listen and find out!

News this week includes the aftermath of SummerSlam and an update on the AEW video game.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Rylan and Kyle review a new episode of Dynamite, and have some disagreement this week as to what the best the show had to offer was. Did they enjoy the 4 title matches on the card? Promos cut by a pair of rising stars? Jericho's World Title Challenge? The upset victory at the end of the night? Listen and find out!

News this week includes more fallout from the Vince McMahon saga, a brief rundown of Death Before Dishonor, and the rise of Triple H into the seat of power in WWE.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan


Welcome back to your monthly release of WFP!


DK and Ry guy recap the remaining OG James bond movies before starting the Daniel Craig series. 

In this episode they talk about the first James bond movie Dr. No, Goldfinger, and never say Never again!

Ry guy talks about his experience meeting a famous wrestler, and more and more!


Cheers Cold Beers!

Rylan and Kyle are back to review AEW Dynamite with the show's new top 5 format. While there was some disagreement this week as to what deserved to be discussed, there was no doubt as to what number 1 was. Listen and find out!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Kyle and Rylan discuss one of the most wild days in pro wrestling in probably forever.

Rylan and Kyle return from a summer absence to go over all of the news and wrestling that they missed while they were away. This includes their feelings about the Forbidden Door PPV, episodes of Dynamite and Rampage since then, and the Vince McMahon controversy.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

On this episode Rylan and Kyle review the episode of Dynamite that they watched together along with a recap of what happened on Rampage. The news this week includes a preview of Forbidden Door and everything related to Vince McMahon.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Rylan and Kyle are back from hiatus to review AEW Dynamite and Rampage as we move closer and closer to AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. What matches would be booked for the PPV? Listen and find out!

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Episode 20 here we go! Can't believe we've done 20 Episodes of WFP!


In this episode DK and Ry Guy mistakenly get slightly philosophical as we reflect on life and its madness. 

They talk a bit more on the Johnny Depp Trial, some blasts from the past, and of course review 2 newly watched James Bond Movies. 

The Living Daylights, and A View to Kill.


cheers cold beers!

Rylan and Kyle break down all of your AEW Double or Nothing action in fine form LIVE and just after the show.

It is yet another dip into the neverending well of sadness that is WCW in the year 2000 as Rylan and Kyle review Halloween Havoc 2000.

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Wednesday Night Wallop | Kyle | Rylan

Rylan welcomes Kyle Joseph and Vince Delgado back to discuss the NBA Playoffs first and second rounds leading into the conference finals.

Kyle and Rylan return to the wrestling world to tackle a whole as Kyle would say dick ton of news as well as preview AEW Double or Nothing.

Rylan welcomes Blaine The Brain from the wrestling podcast "The Royal Ramble" on to talk the state of pro wrestling in 2022 and overall thoughts on a few outside promotions.

Rylan welcomes Kyle and Nate back to continue where they left off in December chatting about the 2022 MLB season with some topics including:

- The MLB lockout and subsequent deal.

- The Toronto Blue Jays

- The reigning, defending, undisputed MLB Champions The Atlanta Braves.

- The Money Mets

- An early edition of Hot or Not.

All that and much more.



Welcome to April's Show episode 19!


Join DK and Ry guy as they speak on the Johnny Depp Trial, the "Blizzard of the century", Joining the ranks in catchers of Covid, and review the latest two James Bond Movies. "The spy who loved me" and "you only live twice"


Cheers cold Beers

Rylan and Kyle welcome Mick Hawley to the show to chat the April 20th and 22nd edition's of AEW Dynamite and Rampage. 

The guys also chat Darius Martins injury and the AEW video game title.

All that and some AEW/NJPW fantasy booking to boot. 

Rylan returns after a strong end to season 1 with Olympic coverage. To start season 2 he welcomes Vince Delgado to chat NBA playoff action and many others topics including.

- The LA Lakers season.

- Chicago's monumental season.

- The Toronto Raptors over achieving expectations.

- And more.

Kyle and Rylan review this past weeks busy edition of all AEW programing including Dynamite, Rampage and Battle for the Belts II.

In the news they covered name changes, Gresham signing with AEW, and people being shitty on twitter.

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